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Zimbabwe On A Revolutionary Path



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Last Updated on Monday, 15 August 2016 12:30

"Use Mass Action to Demand Mayor's Reinstatement"

"A gross abuse of Local Government Minister Savious Kasukuwere's ministerial authority and a complete waste of the Courts' time and tax payers' money" is how the MDC described the Minister's purported firing of the Mayor of Harare, Ben Manyenyeni; about time Harare residents protect their vote with mass action.
The firing of Ben Manyenyeni, which goes against court decisions and the provisions of the constitution has caused outrage, with one legislator asking, "Where is the Attorney General of Zimbabwe when his client, the government, and its minister continually ride roughshod over not only the law but the Constitution itself? 
"The A.G. must advise his client to respect the courts, the legal process and the Constitution which dissolved the powers that a local government minister used to have and gave them to the residents of municipalities through their elected councils," said Harare West House of Assembly Member, Jesse Majome.
Last Updated on Thursday, 21 April 2016 16:24

Failed Zanu PF Government Reintroduces Zim Dollar

MashakadaTThe cash-strapped ZANU-PF government has finally succumbed to its inevitable failure and has predictably decided to re-introduce the Zimbabwe  dollar  in the midst of an unprecedended liquidity crisis in the recent  history of Zimbabwe.

This decision has been muted by the RBZ with the hope of  easing  the liquidity crisis that is engulfing the economy. The RBZ will mint Z$2, Z$5, Z$10, Z$20 Bond Notes which  are at parity with the US dollar.

In addition, the Central Bank will convert 40% of all new US dollar receipts into South African Rands. The bank  has with immediate effect introduced restrictive measures on all imports. To disguise the fact of  the return of the Zim dollar, the RBZ says the Zim Bond  Notes will be backed by a previous US$200 million dollar Afrexim bank loan facility. This is hogwash. If the intention is to increase liquidity, why not simply release the US$200 million into the banking system?


Mugabe and Gang Have Money in Panama

One purpose of so-called shell companies is that the money put in them cannot be traced to its owner. A dictator who wants to finance terrorism, take a bribe, or pilfer your nation's treasury can use these bogus entities that allow them to hold and move cash under a corporate name without international law enforcement or tax authorities knowing it is theirs.

Once the money is disguised as the assets of this enterprise - which would typically be set up by a trusted lawyer or crony in an offshore secrecy haven to further obscure ownership - you can spend it or use it for new nefarious purposes.

This is the very definition of money laundering—taking dirty money and making it clean—and shell companies make it possible. They're "getaway vehicles," says former US Customs investigator Keith Prager, "for bank robbers."    
Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 April 2016 17:43

Tsvangirai Warns Mugabe "Go Now Or Else"

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 April 2016 19:46

People Taking Fight To Mugabe and ZANU (PF)


In Zimbabwe teachers, workers, vendors, unemployed people and political activists did it this week (Rural Teachers in video, right and MDC-T, Occupy African Unity Square activists and urban people on video link, left courtesy of and showed the dictator that they will no longer stand by while he abuses them and butchers the innocent. They are no longer afraid to demonstrate in Harare streets.

Last Updated on Sunday, 17 April 2016 10:53
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