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"Gang of Four" Wanted Mugabe Out

MuchinguriOppahlmoyokasukuwere2A cliff-hanger of a trial awaits us as Didymus Mutasa and company have opened their challenge of their expulsion from Zanu (PF) by claiming that (l-r) Patrick Zhuwao, Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, and Oppah Muchinguri are the ones who wanted President Mugabe out, not VP Joice Mujuru who stands accused of the crime.

But Herald reporting of the case by their senior court reporter, Daniel Nemukuyu, is already exposing a bias that will make the reading even more interesting, though it would not be allowed in any media organisation worth its name.

The reporter refers to Mutasa and company as the "Mujuru putschist cabal" despite that the allegation of an attempted putsch is what they are challenging in court, and the reporter also states his own opinion that the application is long on political allegations but short on legal merit!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 March 2015 18:15

Zimbabwe Facing Unmitigated Disaster

Drought1If this map tweeted today by Zimbabwe's Minister of Information, Jonathan Moyo who is better known for propaganda than informing, crops in virtually all communal areas, where 70% of the population lives on subsistence farming, are a write-off. Red and dark areas are write-offs.

Thirty-four years after independence, despiteting almost all white-owned farms constituting 50 percent of arable land, 70% of the population is still living in the so-called communal lands which have not seen any improvement since the Zimcord-sponsored boreholes and pit latrines of the early 80s, when the international community gave Zimbabwe $2 billion to kick-start Independence.

UK provided funds to purchase land from willing white farmers, but instead Zanu (PF) officials used the money to buy farms for themselves, leading to Tony Blair's government refusing to give anymore money until that had been accounted for.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 March 2015 12:06

MDC-T Re-organises, Mobilises As Zanu (PF) Turns to Intimidation

CouncilSome of the MDC-UK provincial councillors at Nottingham at the weekend 

The MDC-T has simultaneously in Mberengwa South District and in Midlands North District (UK) announced the introduction of the MDC Smart Membership Card that will be a member’s personal key to his party account, a funeral assistance card and as an insurance policy card.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 March 2015 18:39

Time for Paradigm Shift in Treating Mugabe, Zanu (PF)

In case anyone had any doubt about Zanu (PF)'s democratic credentials, this video, now seen all over the world, on BBC, Al Jazeera and other stations will put your doubts to rest, and has implications for how to deal with Zanu (PF) going forward.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 March 2015 11:40

Mugabe Admits Land Reform Bungle As Mzembi Grabs 2nd Farm

MzembiAs Robert Mugabe admits that he has blundered with his land reform programme, Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi, who reportedly already owns another farm, is said to be threatening to grab a highly productive chicken-breeding farm in Masvingo.

President Robert Mugabe admitted in a ZBC interview for his 91st birthday that he blundered by giving ill-equipped black farmers vast tracts of farmland seized from whites under his controversial land reforms.

“I think the farms we gave to people are too large. They can’t manage them,” Mugabe said,  adding that most of them were using just one third of the land - no wonder Zimbabwe has been reduced to importing basics, like maizemeal.

In the past, Mugabe has blamed a drastic drop in agricultural production on erratic rains due to climate change and western sanctions, which he said hampered his government’s efforts to procure equipment for the farmers.


Inside Zimbabwe: Despite Violent Repression, The Brave March

And they denounce....

OccupyNoElections3Occupy African Unity Square leader Itai Dzamara couldn't help remarking how preposterous remarks by Emmerson Mnangagwa - boasting about his long record of killing - calculated to strike fear into the hearts of the masses in time for impending mass action.

Last Updated on Monday, 02 March 2015 21:34
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