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VP Mujuru in Dirty Gold, Blood Diamonds Deals

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Image For the  first time  evidence has been produced of a serving  vice-president, Joice Mujuru and her family, hubby Solomon and daughter Nyasha (inserts), and their son-in-law Pedro del Campo involving in dirty gold and blood diamonds deals. 

Joice Mujuru, who is reportedly behind dirty gold and blood diamonds deals that were exposed in the international Press this week, has been appointed acting President, making it possible for her to use her executive office to push the deals through before police get onto the case.

Her appointment yesterday after Robert Mugabe cut short a visit to the Far East, and aborted his planned visit to Russia, also shows increasing instability in the Mugabe government, with talk of a planned coup that has been suppressed.

Zimbabwean Ministers and generals have been implicated in the plunder of resources from the DRC in UN reports, but so far nothing has been done about prosecuting them.

This is the fist time that evidence has been produced of senior Mugabe officials and their relatives' involvement in dirty deals involving resources from the DRC. station manager Gerry Jackson first exposed the deal and you can listen to her programme Here

Changezimbabwe also spoke to a spokesman for Firtstar Europe PLC who said both the American Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the International Police Organisation (Interpol) had been informed about the dirty deals offered by Nyasha (Mujuru) del Campo and her husband, Pedro del Campo.

The deal involved shipping about US $35 million worth of gold nuggets per month to Switzerland for several months - gold which apparently belongs to several different owners but entrusted to the Mujuru's for selling in Europe.

Vice President Mujuru herself was said to be prepared to finance the shipment of the 3.7 tonnes of gold , but when Firstar's due diligence report showed that the gold belonged to "criminals elements" they decided not to go into the deal, to expose the criminals, and to blacklist the del Campos' companies and Mrs Mujuru.

A Firststar executive said Mrs Mujuru herself had threatened him with a "visit" if he did not remove the company and her name from from the blacklist, but the executive said he had told her that it might be a bit difficult for her to visit him in Europe since she was already black-listed from traveling to Europe.

"We are doing our best to try to keep our trade clean. That is why we are exposing this. But ultimately it is the authorities to prosecute these criminals.

Zimbabwe itself is increasingly coming under the influence of criminals, with Robert Mugabe initially reported to have planned a trip to Russia, obviously to offer resources to the Russians in exchange for their continued protection at the UN.

But speculation is also that he came back to Zimbabwe fearing a coup in progress, and this was confirmed by the immediate relieving of Joseph Msika as acting President and his replacement by Mrs Mujuru.

Mugabe himself is said to be still on leave.

Other speculation is that he has come back to hold the long-requested meeting with Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) over the the MDC's demand that they must share ministerial portfolios equally – a demand which Mugabe has hitherto refused to entertain.

Firstar has exposed that the gold that it was being offered by Nyasha Mujuru through her husband del Campo is on the embargo list, that the owners are criminals.

The criminal element was further exposed, says Firstar when Nyasha said she could easily change the origin of the gold from Congo to Kenya.

This is obviously very hot and the gold might be offered to other people soon, so we have decided to expose it, but we need help of the authorities to totally put a stop to this syndicate,” said the Firstar executive who also added that he was dismayed that in Zimbabwe people were dying of cholera which could be treated for a few cents yet the vice-president was planning to stash away millions and millions of US dollars in Europe.

The trade would have been worth about US $35 million per month for the next few months. Keep abreast with this developing story here on and at

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 February 2009 21:17  

Bhadharai Pano