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Mpofu Knew Canadile Smugglers, Mercenaries

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Mpofu Knew Canadile Smugglers, Mercenaries 


Whose Empowerment Is It Mr Kasukukwere?


Zanu PF is at it again. They have done it before with the Land Acquisition Act. Now they want to do it again with the controversial Indigenisation and Empowerment regulations. This shows who is in charge in Zimbabwean politics, because the Prime Minister is saying those regulations are null and void but a minister who is supposed to report to the same PM says he is going ahead and enforce these regulations.

Obviously Kasukuwere is getting those powers and guts from none other than Robert Mugabe. So if junior officers say that the PM is nothing, how can we not believe them? This shows that this GNU is not working and Zanu PF is still so much in charge.

The Indigenisation and Economic and Empowerment regulations are no different from the chaotic fast track land reform programme, and even one of Zanu PF’s gallant sons and economics think tank, Gideon Gono would agree on this one. This is yet another attempt to wilfully destroy our national economy by those who are mentally challenged and myopic like Mugabe, Kasukuwere and Zanu PF.

The national economy was showing signs of recovery since the inception of the GNU, but these regulations will only succeed in discouraging foreign investors from Zimbabwe at a time when the national economy is desperate for such investment.

It may be necessary to indigenise foreign owned business, but the approach and timing in the recently gazetted regulations is clearly suicidal for the Zimbabwean economy. It may be the right law but wrong timing. No-one in their right senses would want to invest in a company where they are being forced to be a minority shareholder.

Investors should have the right to decide how much shareholding they would want to sell. We are all aware in whose hands these shares that the companies are being forced to cede would end up in. It is common knowledge that it is only the Zanu PF elite and their briefcase companies with their ill-gotten wealth with the muscle to bulldoze their way into these companies.

These businesses will simply be turned into Zanu PF circus and will simply collapse and disappear when Zanu PF lose power in the not too distant future. The businesses will simply be turned into ‘weekend rave spots’ like what they are doing with the farms that they have invaded.

Most of these invaded farms have ceased to be farms in the actual sense because nothing next to farming is happening there. It is all open for everyone to see what effect the chaotic, Mugabe sanctioned farm invasions led our country and economy into. We shouldn’t allow the dictator to get away with the murder of our national economy again.

We all remember when Zanu PF used to say to its supporters that ‘land is the economy’ Now they have got the land and where is the economy? Now they are promising people 51% of foreign owned business and industries, indeed this is yet another of their campaign gimmicks.

Give them the industries and businesses now and see where the economy will go. This is Zanu PF; all they are good at is destroying whatever is within their reach. They destroyed our economy, education, infrastructure, lives and even destroyed their own support base.

There is no more land to dish out to people in trying to buy their votes like what they have been doing since 2000, now they have turned their hyena eyes to the industries and surely the remaining 5% still in employment will be soon be jobless if this is allowed to go ahead. This will surely grind this country to a halt.

Kasukuwere should be careful when dealing with Mugabe. Mugabe used Gideon Gono to significantly contribute to the demise of the national economy through his quasi-fiscal activities in relation to the agricultural sector. He also used the war veterans to kick start the farm invasions and destroyed the commercial agriculture sector.

All this was being done in the name of black empowerment, but in fact how many ordinary Zimbabweans can stand up tall and say that this benefited the majority of the population? Instead the majority were pushed deeper into poverty and our country became poorer.

The country now relies on imports and the country does not even have its own currency. All this is as a result of desperate, stupid Zanu PF policies. This is all being done in order to keep Mugabe in power and he is a lucky man because he has got the war veterans, Gono and now Kasukuwere and his militia to use for his selfish gains. Mugabe is not there to empower anyone just as he is not prepared to share power with anyone. The aging dictator will continue to use these people like a doormat and when they are finished, he will get rid of them and throw them into the lions den when they most need him.

Mugabe and Zanu PF have got no economic rationality whatsoever. They put political correctness ahead of national interests. This is no time for party politics, the people of Zimbabwe will not continue to watch again while Mugabe and Zanu PF lead us into another economic disaster.

Mugabe knows very well that he will not continue to dodge the coffin for too long now and nature will soon take its course, but he wants to leave us sinking deeper into poverty with the help of hard liners like Kasukuwere and in the name of empowerment. May Mugabe’s partners in the G.N.U, Tsvangirai and Mutambara please stop this madness otherwise people would think you are party to this if you don’t flex your muscles and voice for the voiceless.


Milton Keynes.



 Image10 Feb 2010. With one day to go before the inauguration of Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister, the government of Robert Mugabe has not given an inch in the allocation of ministries.

Nor has it released detained MDC activists - two demands which were considered key demands by the MDC.

The likely allocation will be the one proposed by Zanu (PF) (see below), and no clear messages have been sent out about the number of governors that the MDC is going to be allocated, nor how the civil service is going to be made to reflect the unity government.

Updated Final Ministerial List .

Final Ministerial Appointments.

Morgan Tsvangirai MDC Prime Minister                 Robert Mugabe Zanu (PF) President
Full List

Pres. Robert MUGABE

Vice Pres. Joseph MSIKA

Vice Pres. Joyce MUJURU

Prime Min. Morgan TSVANGIRAI

Dep. Prime Min. Thokozani KHUPE

Dep. Prime Min. Arthur MUTUMBARA

Min. of Agriculture, Mechanization, & Irrigation Development Joseph MADE

Min. of Constitutional & Parliamentary Affairs Eric MATINENGA

Min. of Defense Emmerson MNANGAGWA

Min. of Economic Planning & Development Elton MANGOMA

Min. of Education, Sport, & Culture David COLTART

Min. of Energy & Power Development Elias MUDZURI

Min. of Environment & Natural Resource Development Francis NHEMA

Min. of Enterprises & Parastatals Joel GABBUZA Min. of Finance Tendai BITI

Min. of Foreign Affairs Simbarashe MUMBENGEGWI

Min. of Health & Child Welfare Henry MADZORERA

Min. of Higher & Tertiary Education Stanislaus MUDENGE

Min. of Home Affairs (shared) Kembo MOHADI

Min. of Home Affairs (shared) Giles MUTSEKWA

Min. of Industry & Commerce Welshman NCUBE

Min. of Information Communications Technology Nelson CHAMISA

Min. of Justice & Legal Affairs Patrick CHINAMASA

Min. of Labor Paurina GWANYANYA-MPARIWA

Min. of Lands & Rural Resettlement Herbert MURERWA

Min. of Local Govt. Ignatius CHOMBO

Min. of Media, Information, & Publicity Webster SHAMU

Min. of Mines & Mining Development Obert MPOFU

Min. of National Housing Fidelis MHASHU

Min. of Public Service Elphas MUKONOWESHURO

Min. of Public Works Theresa MAKONE

Min. of Regional Integration & Intl. Cooperation Priscilla MISIHAIRABWI-MUSHONGA

Min. of Science & Technology Henri DZINOTYIWEI

Min. of Tourism Walter MZEMBI

Min. of Transport & Infrastructure Development Nicholas GOCHE

Min. of Water Resources Management & Development Samuel Sipepa NKOMO

Min. of Women's Affairs, Gender, & Community Development Olivia MUCHENA

Min. of Youth Development, Indigenization, & Empowerment Savior KASUKUWERE

Min. of State for National Security in the President’s Office Sidney SEKERAMAYI

Min. of State for Presidential Affairs Didymus MUTASA

Min. of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Gordon MOYO

Governor, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Gideon GONO

Ambassador to the US Simbi Veke MUBAKO

Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Boniface Guwa CHIDYAUSIKU

MDC                                                                  Zanu (PF)


Ministrerial Portfolios Both MDCs (16)

See also Biti Is Finance Minister and

Tsvangirai Names Cabinet Team

Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs

Economic Planning and Investment Promotion

Energy and Power Development

Health and Child Welfare

Labour and Social Welfare

Water Resources Development and Management

Public Service

Sport, Arts and Culture

State Enterprise and Parastatals

Science and Technology Development

Information Communication Technology

Public Works

National Housing and Social Amenities

Regional Integration and International Co-operation


Industry and Commerce


Minister of Defence: Emmerson Mnangagwa

Home Affairs: Kembo Mohadi

State for National Security: Sydney Sekeramayi

Foreign Affairs: Simbarashe Mumbengegwi

Justice and Legal Affairs: Patrick Chinamasa

Lands and Rural Resettlement: Herbert Murerwa

Agriculture: Joseph Made

Mines: Obert Mpofu

Local Government: Ignatius Chombo

Environment: Francis Nhema

Higher and Tertiary Education: Stan Mudenge

Transport: Nicholas Goche

Media, Information and Publicity: Webster Shamu

Youth Development, Indigenization/Empowerment: Saviour Kasukuwere:

Women Affairs: Olivia Muchena

Small/Medium Enterprises: Sithembiso Nyoni

State for Presidential Affairs: Didymus Mutasa

Tourism: Walter Mzembi

State: John Nkomo

Sylvester Nguni



National Security Council Both MDCs (7)

Prime Minister

2 x Deputy-Prime Ministers

Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister (appointment by President)

Minister of Finance

Plus Two Ministers


MDC  Cabinet Minister

1. Finance Minister – Tendai Biti

2. Home Affairs Minister (Ministry co-shared with Zanu PF) – Giles Mutsekwa

3. Information Communications Technology Minister – Nelson Chamisa

4. Science and Technology Minister – Professor Henry Dzinotyiwei

5. Public Service Minister – Professor Eliphas Mukonoweshuro

6. Energy and Power Development – Eng. Elias Mudzuri

7. Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs – Advocate Eric Matinenga

8. Labour and Social Welfare Minister – Paurina Mpariwa

9. Water Resources Development Minister – Abednico Bhebhe (surprise appointment from the MDC-Mutambara faction)

10. Health and Child Welfare Minister – Dr. Henry Madzorera

11. State Enterprises and Parastatals – Eddie Cross

12. Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister – Elton Mangoma

13. Public Works Minister – Theresa Makone

14. National Housing and Social Amenities: Fidelis Mhashu

15. * Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office - Sekai Holland


Industry and Commerce: Prof Welshman Ncube

Education: David Coltart

Regional Integration: Priscila Misihairabwi Mushonga



1. Deputy Agriculture Minister – Roy Bennett

2. Deputy Defence Minister – Dr. Tichaona Mudzingwa

3. Deputy Justice Minister – Jessie Majome

4. Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister - Samuel Sipepa Nkomo

5. Local Government Deputy Minister - Cecil Zvidzai

6. * Women's Affairs Deputy Minister - TBC

7, State: Sekai Holland


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Bhadharai Pano