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Decade-Old Issues Await Truant Ministers

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matibengaMatibenga to answer on war Victims Compansation Fund 

Zimbabwean Cabinent Ministers, now notorious for not turning up in Parliament to answer questions from MPs, have got 16 questions listed for Ministerial reply on Wednesday, including questions previously on the list but carried forward as they had not been answered.

The Minister of Public Service, Lucia Matibenga, an MDC-T MP is supposed to answer questions about a Commission of Inquiry into the War Victims Compensation Fund and the payment of pensions for “exaggerated disabilities.”

One would expect that as an MDC-T MP who was not involved in the corruption, she would be very eager to expose the scam in which Zanu (PF) Ministers and their cronies claimed to be up to 90% disabled in order to claim compensation worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, when in fact they were perfectly healthy.

But the Minister apparently was not in the House to answer. Maybe on Wednesday.

Minister of Industry and Commerce, Welshman Ncube is being asked to name authorised bottled water suppliers and to justify bottled water being sold at the same price as diesel fuel, which he apparently previously failed to answer by not turning up.

One would also expect him to want to expose companies that are exploiting the country's lack of clean water to rip off the public, but again we shall see on Wednesday.

Newer questions include two for the co-Ministers of Home Affairs on the Ministry’s policy on the display of ZRP force numbers on police uniforms, and on the revenue generated by police roadblocks, the custodians of that revenue and how it is managed.

The Minister of Finance has previously complained that he is not receiving this revenue, yet all drivers around the country know that there is a lot of unaccounted-for revenue at roadblocks.

Again one would expect Theresa Makone as a Minister from a party which is always falling victim to anonymous police who do not act professionally to want to expose this issue. She would also to want to support the Minister of Finance on the revenue issue.

The Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Henry Madzorera, also MDC-T, has a question waiting for him on the availability of ARV drugs whose supply is paid for by the Ministry and by donors, but whose availability seems to end up with the rich only.

Last Updated on Friday, 01 March 2013 01:47  

Bhadharai Pano