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MDC UK Rubbish Zimdiaspora "Allegations"

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ImageMDC-UK chairman Tonderai Samanyanga has denounced the childish allegations levelled at his executive by Zimdiaspora – a UK-based news website which has consistently worked against the MDC UK despite being owed by an MDC member, Peter Nyoni.

The UK-based website wrote that the MDC UK had “come forth as a failing political model in Zimbabwe's opposition politics,” because of allegations that £3 000 had been withdrawn from the party account without knowledge of the treasurer.

The same website was used by disgruntled MDC election losers last year to allege that a £57 000 fraud was committed by the previous MDC UK executive, but this allegation was also found to have no merit.

The MDC UK has been on a drive to sell the party's new membership cards and recently some districts forwarded the monies collected from their branches to the province for the first batch of the new membership cards to be sent from Harare.

Today Samanyanga said that was the only transfer that was made to Harare recently as agreed by the Executive and the Districts.

The transfer was made for the purposes of obtaining new membership cards as per the guidelines set by the National Organising Department.

The dialogue that culminated in the transfer was communicated to the mandated members of the Executive and the Districts, including the treasurer who was mentioned by Zimdiaspora as not having been consulted.

The details of the legitimate transfer made into a legitimate party account and the amounts, has long been communicated to our districts in order to upraise their branches and members on the progress,” said Samanyanga.

But according to Zimdiaspora, whom the party does not know where it got its briefing from: “The treasurer is the custodian of party finances in any organisation and no money can be withdrawn without his consent, yet the MDC that tells us they were ready to form the next government in Zimbabwe, has broken the golden rule.”

Samanyanga said MDC UK & Ireland External Assembly was concerned by's continued efforts to brew confusion in the External Assembly.

This on-line newspaper has made unsubstantiated allegations of financial mismanagement. This I believe is their resolve to frustrate the great efforts made by our members in building a party of excellence.

We have noticed that for every positive stride we make as a party, Zimdiaspora has taken a negative stance. We are also aware of the (website)’s connection with some individual members of our party, and the use of their connections to retard the good progress we make,” he said in a veiled reference to the website's publisher, Nyoni.

On several occasions Nyoni has been asked about the negative reporting from his website, but he claims to have nothing to do with the editorial, saying the Editor, one Edmore Tshuma, is entirely responsible.

Tshuma claimed in an interview with changezimbabwe, that that was briefed by MDC members whom he refused to name, but who could well be non-existent.

Nyoni personally made disparaging remarks against the MDC leadership and was suspended together with Ephraim Tapa and Julius Mutyambizi, only to resurface after the suspension as an elected official in the Derby Branch.

Our own investigations have revealed that Zimdiaspora was represented in a meeting at Oxford where the issue was discussed among members, and it was made clear what the money that was withdrawn was for purchase of 390 cards.

But, to further expose the malicious intent of Zimdiaspora, they wrote: “the destination of the money could not be ascertained”.

Samanyanga challenged Zimdiaspora to substantiate their claims, and threatened to take measures to curtail the website's continued onslaught on the MDC.

He said an inquiry would be conducted to establish Zimdiaspora's links with MDC members and how some internal communications were made available to the website.

He said the new membership cards had been printed and were ready for dispatch from Harare, but only for fully paid up members whose data forms had been submitted through the Organising Department.

The new system would ensure that no bogus members of the MDC would be able to produce membership cards.

Last Updated on Friday, 19 August 2011 13:36  

Bhadharai Pano