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It Is Now or Never for Tsvangirai

TsvangieThe simple version of the law of the jungle posits that when elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. It priestly ends there, but the catch is, even when they make love the hapless grass is not spared. Only God knows the collateral damage induced on it .

As such we are living in very interesting, if not dangerous times in Zimbabwe, politically. The simmering but potent cracks within ZANU (PF) should not be ignored. It is reality of a poor succession plan at display. Prior to now it could be dismissed, but now it is a different story altogether. The centre, it seems, can no longer hold.

Tsvangirai whose party is going through its brought-forward congress seems ready to take full advantage of the situation.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 October 2014 22:35

Hong Kong Shows The Way To Demand Democracy

hong6aHong Kong police have been clashing with pro-democracy protesters near the government complex, after a week of escalating tensions.
Dozens of demonstrators were arrested, with hundreds vowing to stay put to continue the protest.
Protesters are demanding one-man-one-vote from the Chinese government which wants to select candidates for them to vote on.  Insert: Tarisai Marikopo sustained right-eye injuries when she was arrested and allegedly assaulted by police while trying to defend her home against demolition. See more pics below.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 October 2014 10:57

Zimbabwe IMF Engagement: Devil Is In Implementation

chinamasa2Could it be Zimbabwean finance minister Patrick Chinamasa has now been brought down to earth by the IMF, or is this another episode of the finance minister briefing opposite from his boss, which normally ends in the minister losing his job.

An IMF official six days ago told a meeting attended by Chinamasa that Zimbabwe is not special and needed to stop haranguing the west and deal with its fiscal disaster urgently.

Zimbabwe was being left behind moaning about spiteful global powers while the rest of Africa was excelling, said the IMF official, and, a few days later it was reported that Zimbabwe had signed up to the IMF Staff Monitored Programme (SMP).

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 October 2014 09:42

Hope for Zimbabwe: None But Ourselves Can Liberate Us

CrossEddie Cross - African Herd Living in a near failed State like Zimbabwe and watching the news about the rest of Africa, it’s easy to be pessimistic about the continent. But I have recently spent time in Namibia, Kenya and Uganda. Last week I was on a Parliamentary trip to Kampala, the Capital of Uganda, which lasted 5 days.

I must say that we were impressed with Kampala – it’s a City of 5 million people, about 80 kilometers across, a major City by any standard. Uganda has had its share of the “African” disease – bad government, corruption and human and legal rights abuse; the expulsion of the Asian business community and the economic collapse that followed, but what we found was unexpected.

Last Updated on Monday, 29 September 2014 11:48

Biti's Renewal Is an Opposition of the Opposition

ChikosiHerbert Chikosi The MDC Renewal Team as reported here denounced plans the MDC-T to mobilise Zimbabweans to take to the streets in mass protests, but the truth is that nameless party cannot protest because it would need to have supporters to be able to protest.

They don't have the people so what can they do? All they can be is, as they are now, an official opposition of the opposition.

One of the most consistent behaviors that the Renewal team has religiously displayed as paid mercenaries is to criticize what the MDC-T do, and especially the person of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Last Updated on Monday, 29 September 2014 20:57

Why Has Makandiwa Partnered With Zanu (PF) Evil?

MilanziTo One Emmanuel Makandiwa 

From Across the Mighty Zambezi River

Dear Sir
First and foremost, my name is Esau Milanzi, born in the then Northern Rhodesia and my parents moved to the then Rhodesia when I was barely five years old. I am back in Zambia but my father’s body and those of my 3 sisters, one brother and countless relatives lie buried in Mashonaland Central where we lived happily for many years. I am MdcT because I want to be MdcT and I subscribe to the ideals of that blessed party and the red blood that runs through my veins is testimony to my allegiance.

I am writing to you in your personal capacity and thus I am separating you from the “church” you are said to lead. Please note that I have put the word “church” in quotes and that this is absolutely intentional on my part.

Last Updated on Monday, 29 September 2014 09:43

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