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As South Africa Prepares To Take Over AU Chairmanship

Eddie Cross says Zimbabweans have become victims of a criminal elite that has entrenched and enriched itself to the detriment of everyone else and its neighbors should wake up to the reality of the collateral damage being inflicted on their own countries and help us achieve change without recourse to violence.CrossEddie

When a government fails to conduct its duties as the principal center of authority in a State, the consequences are often borne, not by the residents alone, but by other States and regions. VOA also carried the same warning:

Last Updated on Friday, 12 June 2015 15:39

Unpacking Tendai Biti‘s “Collective Foolishness of the Zimbabwean Opposition”

bitiptouch1Joice Mujuru's people reportedly told Biti's Renewals that they would not add any value to a coalition because they lacked peple on the ground 

Former MDC-T secretary general, Tendai Biti, classified what is going in the opposition in Zimbabwe as “collective foolishness” - a term which must be interrogated, lest everyone in the opposition is painted with the same brush.

Many in the opposition would take exception to being labelled as such, as they have remained steadfast in pursuing the goals for which they joined and indeed formed opposition parties.

And the man who is accusing them of collective foolishness is personally accountable for much of the foolishness - if by foolishness he was refering to failure to unite and dislodge the repressive regime. He has been at the centre of putting his personal interests ahead of party interests. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 June 2015 11:01

Zimbabwe's First Family Now Butt of Ridicule



Oops!! We gave Anne Kansiime, a Ugandan comedian, a lot of kudos that actually belong to Adeola Fayehun, a Nigerian comediane and guerilla journalist seen in this video.

She has been described by Zimbabwean Information Minister @ProfJNMoyo as a Boko Haram journalist after she ambushed President Mugabe in Nigeria, waking him from his slumber and asking him whether it was not about time he stepped down and when there were going to be democratic elections in Zimbabwe.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 June 2015 15:39

Charumbira: Masvingo Council, ZNA Must Answer Questions

When we saw the Charumbira Zhing Zhong story in the Herald we thought it was a new story that was just developing, only to discover upon further research that the The Herald wrote about this issue back in January.

The strange thing is that in January Masvingo Rural District Council, through its chief executive officer Martin Mubviro, said that it had told Zhing Zhong project proponents that the project had to be approved by the community before they could move in.But now the same officer says the project can go ahead, even before that has been dealt with.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 June 2015 05:15

Birds of a Feather? Mugabe, Mbasogo, Al-Bashir


Robert Mugabe, perpetrator of the Matebeleland genocide, International Criminal Court (ICC) fugitive, Omar Al Bashir, and  Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, dictator of Equatorial Guinea whose other powers include being the “chief magistrate” in the country where human rights violations are routine.

The choice of President Robert Mugabe's last visits as he prepares to hand over the chairmanship of the AU to Jacob Zuma, reflect his true friends - the corrupt dictators of Equatorial Guinea and Sudan, Presidents Teodoro Nguema Mbasogo and Omar Al-Bashir who was being inaugurated following an election boycotted by the main opposition.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 June 2015 16:10

Charumbira A Wake Up Call To All Zimbabwean Rural Communities

CharumbiChiefThis story is a wakeup call for all rural people in Zimbabwe, which is everyone really because everyone has a rural home. The government, represented by Masvingo Rural District Council, went and signed an agreement with a Chinese company to start a cement factory in the Charumbira area of Masvingo which is going to displace about 600 families.

The Memorandum of Agreement has been signed with the Chinese, but no land has even been identified where the villagers are going to be resettled, which means that they have not even been consulted.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 June 2015 10:22

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