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Make Or Break MDC NEC Meeting

Time for patriots
The eyes and ears of all patriotic Zimba- bweans are on tomo- rrow’s meeting of the MDC national executive because they see the MDC as the only party with potential to rescue the nation.

Robert Mugabe and his agents are also looking keenly at that meeting for any opportunity to capitalise on the divisions that have already been caused by the fallout from the Women’s Congress.

The MDC’s potential to rescue the nation will not be realised if it does not win the election and its ability to win the election will be eradicated if there is a change of leadership at the top.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 November 2007 06:19

"Ndlovu Confidence Trickster" - Nyashanu

Nyashanu - "Free Press"
The Minister of Information and Publicity, Sikhanyiso Ndlovu has thrown a lifeline to the banned Daily News after he appointed a new Media and Information Commission (MIC) and immediately ordered it to reconsider an application by the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), publishers of the banned newspaper.

Ndlovu said he had replaced the commission with new members but it would remain under the chairmanship of the controversial Tafataona Mahoso who twice rejected an application by ANZ to lift the ban  on the Daily News and Daily News on Sunday.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 November 2007 08:34

"Indigestion" As Tapa Executive Calls Assembly

The MDC Southhampton branch has been forced to remind members that the MDC is lead by President Morgan Tsvangirai, following calls by a group calling itself the MDC UK for an assembly.

Some members of the Ephraim Tapa-led UK executive seem to be failing to digest the fact that they are no longer executive members and are calling for an assembly which some analysts believe is a cover to invite MDC members to a meeting to form a new political party.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 October 2007 15:07

MDC National Backs New Women's Executive

Kwinjeh not satisfied
The MDC national leadership has said the Women's Assembly Congress in Bulawayo on Sunday, which elected
Theresa Makone, chairperson, replacing Lucia Matibenga was properly constituted.

This is despite dissenting voices from among others Grace Kwinjeh, the deputy secretary for international affairs who has gone public with her criticism of the national leadership in an article published in New Zimbabwe.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 November 2007 05:46

DRC Needs Diplomacy, Not Troops - ICG

The International Crisis Group has called on the Congo government of Joseph Kabila to pursue a comprehensive political approach to settle the crisis in North Kivu rather than escalate it by, among other things, inviting Zimbabwean troops.

The violence could escalate and destabilize central Africa, drawing in Rwanda and Uganda, said the Crisis Group which argued for a new approach addressing the root causes of violence Eastern Congo, instead of a purely military solution, which seems to be Kabila’s aim.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 November 2007 05:45

Wrongly Detained Zimbo Gets £7 000

Kakopa - £7 500 richer
For wrongly detai- ning a Zimba- bwean engin- eer, acc- using him of being an illegal immigrant, the immigration service in Northern Ireland has had to pay him £7,500 in an out of court settlement.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 October 2007 12:44

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