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Rainbow Coalition for Zimbabwe Elections?

Zimbabwe’s opposition parties will enter the 2008 harmonised elections as a united body, changezimbabwe has learnt.

The united front will comprise both factions of Zimbabwe s leading opposition MDC party, Paul Siwela’s Zapu, the late Ndabaningi Sithole s Zanu (Chimwenje), and most probably Jonathan Moyo s stillborn United People s Movement.

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 December 2007 08:39

Zanu-Zapu Marriage of Convenience Breaking?

In October, our commentator,  Edward Zvavareyi, cast doubt on Jabulani Sibanda’s credentials as an ex-combatant because of his age.

Now Dumiso Dabengwa, the former intelligence head of the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA), the armed wing of the Zimbabwe African People's Union, under which Sibanda claims to have operated, has exposed him as a mere refugee.

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 December 2007 10:27

Zim Lawyers Unhappy With Ammendments

tsungaThe Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has deplored the “continued lack of respect for the fundamental freedoms of association, assembly, and expression” shown by the government in fast-tracking three fundamental Bills through Parliament without adequate consultation.

US Secretary of State's Award Winner, Arnold Tsunga

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 December 2007 04:39

Official Corruption Exposed In Currency Dealing

The Zimbabwean Parliamentarian who we reported as being reluctant to ask the Reserve Bank Governor to name and shame the “cash barons” who are sabotaging the economy is now reported by Reuters to be on the run.

RBZ Governor Gideon Gono said Parliamentarians were shying away from their responsibility and had something to hide, after he threatened to name and shame government officials who he claimed were sabotaging the economy.

But the chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance, Zanu PF MP, David Butau, reportedly said he was not in a hurry to ask Gono to come and name the saboteurs – meaning the Parliament was not in a hurry to find out who was sabotaging the economy.      

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 December 2007 03:58

Zuma: Wake Up Call For Zimbabwwe, Africa

Commentary By Ian Sibanda

The waiting is over in South Africa. When will it be over in Zimbabwe? Image

The million pound question is: how long did it take the South Africans not to wait any longer and how long has it/will it take us maZimbabweans to wait?

The ANC election of Zuma (in the Zimbabwean context) was a sign of practical democratic renewal, an overhauling of sluggish political culture and institutions and possible injection of fresh and young energetic ideas in the Party.

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 December 2007 08:03

Morgan Tsvangirai's Christmas message

morganAs we record the eighth Christmas after the formation of the Movement for Democratic Change in 1999, I wish to recognise our collective determination and resolve to transform the political face of our motherland against heavy odds.

We are pioneers among Africans: the first nation to confront an African dictator through democratic means, and the first post-colonial formation arising from the social movement to claim an extension of freedom and the realisation of the noble ideals of the liberation struggle. Unlike the situation in the rest of Africa, we remained steadfast in our refrain to resort to armed violence in order to be heard. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 December 2007 04:40

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