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Kombi Driver Killed Over Bribe Is MDC Official's Son

matewuspeakMugove Manonge, the 30-year-old kombi driver who died after being assaulted by police for refusing to pay a bribe is the son of a senior MDC Official, Jaison Matewu, the former MDC UK and Ireland Organising Secretary.

He confirmed this yesterday saying Manonge is the actual family surname for the Matewus, and that he was now in mourning over the death of his promising son over what the Herald called a "misunderstanding over a $10 bribe". Matewu as UK Organiser

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 November 2014 20:54

Occupy Africa Unity Square Protesters Arrested, Again

Occupy African Unity Square's planned public address in the square was disrupted by police in riot gear, despite organisers having informed the police all about what they were planning - or maybe because they had informed the police.
Just as Itai Dzamara began making his public address, a group of police members moved in to confiscate the megaphone.
Itai Dzamara, the initiator of the movement, went ahead without the megaphone but was soon arrested and taken away to a police post on First St.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 November 2014 11:22

Abandon Hope All Who Enter Here: Zimbabwe Business as Usual

CrossEddieWe had three significant events this past week – the President opened Parliament; the IMF came to Harare on a road show; and the revenue Authority published its figures for the third quarter of the year. Taken together these three events summarize the situation in Zimbabwe very clearly and in a stark fashion.

The IMF visit was fascinating because it is the first time that we have been honored by the Breton Woods institution in having the Africa Director and a team, come to the City on a road show to present their review of African economic prospects and conditions and their forecast for the immediate outlook. The Director was impressive – clear grasp of the issues, confident and diplomatic. Eddie Cross

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 November 2014 11:23

Zimbabwean President Mugabe Has No Intention of Leaving Office

What The Herald is now doing can no longer qualify as journalism, but as political skulduggery on behalf of a faction of Zanu (PF).

And if what Obert Mpofu's website, the wrote today is anything to go by, that faction is Robert Mugabe’s. He has now come out to claim it.
No more hiding behind Grace, and he has no intention of leaving office anytime soon, he said.

But first to the piece by Senior Reporter Zvamaida Murwira which makes the sensational claim that War Veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda "has all but sensationally confirmed that corruption and extortion allegations being levelled against Vice President Joice Mujuru are true."

Last Updated on Friday, 31 October 2014 12:24

"Mugabe Take Your Zanu (PF) To The Grave, But Not Our Zimbabwe'

War veterans have also been divided and Mugabe is being supported by the Chinotimba faction.

Whatever the outcome of his Politburo meeting today, Robert Mugabe has now fallen from being the respected Zanu (PF) father figure that he was to being just another of the contestants for power in Zanu (PF) and therefore fair game for any tactics.

The centre definitely cannot hold and what we thought was his wife's faction of the party has now proved to be his faction; it went and mobilised busloads of supporters to go to the Zanu (PF) HQ and demonstrate before the start of the meeting.

The posters were clearly made centrally, probably at the Ministry of Information or Police Printers, and the buses were dispatched to strategic centres to pick up only supporters of his wife, or rather those who are against Vice President Joice Mujuru - outside Harare of course.

Last Updated on Saturday, 01 November 2014 21:38

Occupy Africa Unity Square Protesters Beaten by Zanu (PF) Thugs, Arrested By Police


Organisers and participants in the Occupy Africa Unity Square protest have been arrested and beaten up in another episode that exposes the lawlessness and violations of human rights in Zimbabwe.

Well-known Zanu (PF) thugs, usually based at Mbare Musika, known as Chipangano and supported by Harare provincial chairman Amos Midzi, attacked Itai Dzamara, Dirk Frey and Tichaona Danho, seriously injuring them.

But in an unbelievable twist, Zimbabwe Republic Police officers came and arrested the injured protesters, including organiser, Itai, who had already been previously questioned by police about the demonstration and told them that he was peacefully exercising his democratic right. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2014 17:13

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