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Call for More International Pressure on Zimbabwe

June27ExecThe MDC-UK and Ireland has called on the international community to take up the MDC's rallying cry for reforms and on the West to go back to the drawing board and find ways of forcing the Harare regime to change before it is too late. MDC UK and Ireland Executive in session at Northampton.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 July 2015 11:54

MDC UK Youths Kick-off Summer Fundraising


From Right: Youth chair Vusumuzi B. Ncube, MDC UK chairman Tonderai Samanyanga, vice youth chairman Prosper Karuru and visitors to the stand, as the Family Funday was about to kick off.

MDC UK youths  kicked off their summer fundraising with a braai and a family games day at Northhampton’s Aqaudrome at the weekend.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 July 2015 07:41

MDC-T MP Supports Marondera University, Not Just In Name

MajomeJsmallLast week Thursday in the National Assembly the MP MP for Harare West, Jesse Majome debated in support of the Marondera University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Bill, which if passed will see the establishment of the university.

A product of a state university herself - the University of Zimbabwe - Ms Majome supported the expansion of tertiary education by establishing a State university, but went further to implore the government not to withdraw funding from State universities which would be tantamount to establishing universities without funding them.

Working for her constituency and for Zimbabwe.... MDC MP Jesse Majome


President Morgan Tsvangirai’s State of Nation Address


We meet today on the 27th of June, a day that invokes blood-soaked memories of the unmitigated and State-sponsored violence we witnessed seven years ago.

Exactly seven years ago to the day and three months after I had defeated him in an election; President Mugabe contested against himself in a bloody election run-off and claimed he had won. 


U.S State Dept Raps Zimbabwe on 2014 Human Rights Violations


Riot police.... the state's only response to genuine grievances by vendors whose livelyhoods are being threatened in the city centre. The above policeman was even accused of abusing a woman MP from the safety of an amoured police vehicle during the demonstration. She has threatened to deal with him.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 13:14

Zimbabwe: It Makes You Wonder What Is Going In Africa

Youth2015President Robert Mugabe’s intelligence minister comes out and says his party cheated in the 2008 election; A Police Commissioner accuses his colleague of shooting a street-kid dead in cold blood and getting a promotion;

Last Updated on Monday, 29 June 2015 11:01

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