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Zimbabwe's Tractor-Gate: $100m Government Loan Abused

Some are calling it Tractor Gate and others Grace Gate but the facts are that the scandal of Brazilian Mechanization equipment is deeper than previously thought, deeper than admitted by Vice-President Munangagwa in Parliament, but apparently now part of normal Zanu (PF) practice.

Mnangagwa virtually admitted that mechanisation equipment including tractors was distributed by President Robert Mugabe's wife at Zanu (PF) rallies yet it was aquired through a government line of credit from Brazil, called More Food for Africa Programme (MFAP) to empower Africa to feed its people and wean itself from perennial toxic donations.

Last Updated on Monday, 02 November 2015 20:37

While Cameron Hobnobs With Xi, Farmer Languishes in Mugabe Seige

RankingFarmWhile the United Kingdom is hosting Chinese President Xi Jinpin and ignoring human rights concerns regarding China, President Xi's allay, the Mugabe government in Zimbabwe, is still laying siege to a white farmer whose farm is coveted by a British relative of Mugabe's wife.

In fact Mugabe has been awared China's equivalement of the Nobel Prize and his wife has been invited to China by the president of the All-China Women’s Federation, Shen Yueyue, and was seen off at Harare International Airport by the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Huang Ping and his wife Zhang only yesterday.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 November 2015 05:34

Mugabe Abuses Brazilian Aid To Boost Wife's Presidential Bid


Munhu Wese Kuna Amai Tractors.... They will end up derelict in one season, Zanu (PF) in power and people still starving

The abuse has been described as criminal and the donors, Brazil, are said to be not amused by First Lady Grace Mugabe playing Mother Christmas to her party faithful using borrowed state resources.

It is not yet clear whether reported opposition efforts to mount collective court action to stop the First Lady’s “illegal and very criminal” vote buying campaign, using borrowed state funds, will amount to anything.

Failure to stop her, however, will mean that ordinary Zimbabweans will again repay loans which will have benefited individuals and not achieved the developmental objective of increasing food production.

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2015 11:02

UK Sucking Up To China, The Last Thing The World's Oppressed Need

HamondXiUK foreign secretary Philip Hammond defended the UK's invitation to Chinese firms to invest in its nuclear energy industry, brushing aside fears that it might put the UK's national security at risk. National security depends on economic security, he said, seemingly brushing aside concerns raised in the British media, including by a former adviser to David Cameron, Steve Hilton, who said China was a "barbarous tyranny" at home and a "big bully abroad" and that it was dangerous for Britain to treat China’s human rights record and other subjects as taboo. 

UK Foreign Secrerary Hammond meets Xi Jinping and buries security and human rights interests under the commercial interestes of the UK

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 October 2015 13:56

Zimbabwe: The Self Destruct Button

ZhuwaoPSmoking Mbanje with finger on self-destruct button? Indigenous Minister Patrick Zhuwawo

In the past two weeks we have seen Zanu PF virtually tearing itself apart and in the process it is sealing the fate of the country. I have never seen the country in such a state of despair and despondency.

Last week I was on a plane to Kenya and spoke to a businessman who was on his way to a lodge on the Zambezi in Zambia to spend a few days fishing and relaxing. He said to me that he simply had to get away. He has closed his factory and put it onto a care and maintenance basis as they could not cope with the power outages.

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 October 2015 15:10

Debt forgiveness, FDI Only Way Out for Zimbabwe - Ushewokunze

zimruinsThis piece is by Mutemwa Ushewokunze, described as Vice President for Institutional Sales at a global investment banking and diversified financial services company headquartered in Australia, first published on his own page.

Our regular contributor, Eddie Cross described it as "an exceptional summary of the crisis facing Zimbabwe today." We agree with his view that a serious political, economic and social crisis is now truly staring us in the face and that real change for growth can only come from both local and foreign elements, giving a fresh political policy thrust that builds a competent and actionable government which is interested in the welfare of the people - ed.

Zimbabwe: Dire is an Understatement

The bull in me has taken its leave. The domestic economic situation in Zimbabwe is beyond dire. Structural unemployment (approx 90%) and non-existent growth (1-2% likely to be revised down) are the consequences of economic mismanagement and lack of policy formation.

With three cabinet reshuffles in nine months, and almost $200m (of a $3.1b budget) being spent on the President’s Office since the beginning of the year, combined with wages at 80% of expenditure, it’s a wonder that there are some who are looking past the risk and still investing in Zimbabwe.


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