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British Zimbabwean Farm Invasion Exposes Conservative Foreign Policy

CameronDaveThere can be no clearer condemnation of the Tory Government's policy of accommodating the dictatorial Zanu (PF) government in Zimbabwe than the fact that Grace Mugabe's relative who was given British citizenship is now reported to be seizing a white-owned near Harare.

The Telegraph in the UK has reported that Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro, 45, who runs a slimming clinic in Nottingham, hired a gang to invade Phillip Rankin's tobacco farm a week ago claiming that Robert Mugabe’s government had granted him ownership of the property.

L: David Cameron - no policy on Zimbabwe.... 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 October 2015 13:42

Newsday Is Seeing Shadows - Changezimbabwe

MDCHardhatNewsday has become adept at creating non-existent plots in MDC, then getting people to comment on them, thus making them seem credible.

This is the case with their story today Tsvangirai Seeing Shadows — Chamisa  where the media itself is fomenting "fresh fissures that threaten to tear the MDC apart for the umpteenth time" when in fact there are no such developments on the ground.

The fact that the conspiracy theories are being centred on Nelson Chamisa, who lost in his bid for the Secretary General post in the party, suggests that there are forces who are trying to encourage him to make an illegal bid.

The motives can only be to weaken the MDC which has remained strong which Zanu (PF) faces imminent collapse. It is only idle minds or those who have everything to lose in Zanu (PF)‘s collapse who could be drawn to such an agenda.

Last Updated on Monday, 19 October 2015 19:03

Mugabe Ministers Flee Demonstrators At London Embassy

The visit of Robert Mugabe’s Ministers to London started on a wrong note when they Ministers were forced to flee demonstrators at the Zimbabwean Embassy where the Vigil demonstrates every Saturday, sometimes joined by Zimbabwe We Can, Rohr and MDC activists.

They are demanding that the UK government conservative government of David Cameroon should not accommodate Zanu (PF) until it allows free and fair elections to take place in the country which now a virtual failed state because of the illegitimacy of the government. See more here

Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha among those who fled

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 October 2015 18:33

Zimbabwe Stability In Peril Without Reforms

The political landscape in Zimbabwe remains a Zanu (PF) vs MDC-T race with Mrs. Mujuru having no chance of persuading Zimbabweans that she has changed her spots, having been in Government for the last 35 years, before being booted out, not for being critical of its policies but as part of a power grab.

She was part of a systematic and deliberate subversion of democracy, human and political rights and elimination of dissidents and opponents, but now wants us to believe that she has seen the light. No chance, says Eddie Cross in this analysis, first published on his African Herd. He writes:
Change is in the air in Zimbabwe. Suddenly it seems as if the old regime is in its last stages and new leadership is possible. In Zanu PF the succession race is wide open following the effort by Mr. Mugabe to ensure that no one close to him has any ideas about a controlled and negotiated transfer of power while he is alive and capable to running the State.
Last Updated on Sunday, 27 September 2015 12:34

Kabila Declares His Hand: Expels Leaders Urging Him to Stick To Term Limit

Following Paul Kagame of Rwanda's decision to amend the constitution to remove executive term limits, young Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has also decided to follow the same path.

Kabila was assisted into power by Robert Mugabe using Zimbabwe Defense Forces in a deployment which the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said was illegal as it was not endorsed by Parliament. 

In the above video US President Obama told African Union leaders: “When a leader tries to change the rules in the middle of the game just to stay in office, it risks instability and strife – as we’ve seen in Burundi. And this is often just a first step down a perilous path.

Last Updated on Saturday, 10 October 2015 15:16

Kagame Plays His Hand, Wants to Extend Term Limits

As President Obama (r) once stated: “When a leader tries to change the rules in the middle of the game just to stay in office, it risks instability and strife – as we’ve seen in Burundi. And this is often just a first step down a perilous path.”

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 September 2015 14:28

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