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Zanu (PF) Inspired Policy Dissonance Worsens Zimbabwe Economy

mushohweThe policy dissonance in Zanu (PF) running of the Zimbabwean economy has not taken a week to appear following the appointment of new Indigenisation Minister, Christopher Mushowe, who projected investor hostility with his inaugural “99% ownership” statement.

Coming at the same time as Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa indicating that Zimbabwe wants to implement investor-friendly policies to attract foreign investment Mushowe's statement how shows chaos in Zanu (PF) is impacting Zimbabwe’s already unstable economy.

That Mushowe put this in his inaugural speech sets the tone how he plans to implement indigenisation policy - a policy which the Mugabe government always talks of planning to clarify or modify, but never does anything about.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 December 2014 14:16

Zanu (PF) Tribal War Spirals Into Putin's Orbit


Saviour Kasukuwere and Mnangagwa dragging Zimbabwe into the Russian Orbit...

Zimbabweans and indeed the international community are only now discovering how the Mugabe regime has all but destroyed the country - its economy shutting down faster than they can recover it and its politics degenerating into tribal war.

All that ordinary Zimbabweans know is that they have had their worst Christmas ever, so bad that they have given up writing or talking about it, and with very few Christmas Wishes going out on the internet, despite that there are a lot more people now on the internet.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 December 2014 14:45

UK MDC Member Chivenga Dies

ChiwengaA founder member of the MDC Birmingham branch in the UK Partson Chivenga has passed away after a short illness.

Chivenga, who was living in Walsall with his family, is survived his wife, two daughters aged 19 and 17 and a boy aged 5.

Chivenga was 42 at the time of his death.

Moaners are gathered at 12 Broom Road,WS5 4TF Yew Tree and funeral arrangements will be notified as arrangements are made.

Last Updated on Sunday, 28 December 2014 16:11

"Let's Chart The Way Forward Together" - Tsvangirai

TsvangiraichinjaThe MDC has resolved that the situation in the country will not take care of itself without citizens doing anything about it themselves, moreover the party will never agree to join government to give Zanu (PF) a kiss of life without addressing fundamental reforms, and dismantling the partisan bureaucracy that impeded progress under the previous inclusive dispensation.

So says its President Morgan Tsvangirai in an end of year message in which he said the party would never again participate in any election in the absence of comprehensive reforms that enhance both the framework and environment for free and fair elections.

“We will only participate in a truly free and fair election,“ said Tsvangirai, insisting that the MDC is still aiming for a national convergence conference where citizens will agree on national grievances and collectively chart the way forward to resolve them.

MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai says Zimbabwe's future is in our hands  

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 December 2014 10:41

Chino's Human Rights Award Raises A Stink

chinos1Like everything else in Zimbabwe civil society is has become so corrupted that the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) has given a human rights award to Joseph Chinotimba, a Zanu (PF) MP best know for his human rights violations and jokes.

Even a member of the MDC-T whose members have been tortured, if not killed by Chinotimba, was happy to have her picture taken together with Chinotimba at the awards ceremony.

Chinotimba worked as a security guard for the Harare City Council and joined the police section of the Municipal Council in 1982 , eventually becoming a chief inspector before leading the violent invasions of commercial farms in Zimbabwe in which whites were killed.

Last Updated on Friday, 26 December 2014 19:31

Rise of Ngwena: Dictatorship Consolidated In Zimbabwe

mnangagwaEIbbo Mandaza’s conclusion that the 2014 Zanu PF Congress - the rise of Mnangagwa - marks the triumph of the Securocrat state sounds less ominous than if it was put simply as: the military, police, intelligence and militia have now taken over and Zimbabwe is now a military dictatorship in all but name.

In fact it was quite refreshing to read an Ibbo Mandaza who finally seems to have shed his Zanu (PF) aura, now openly admitting that Tsvangirai has been winning elections all along and has turned down several sell-out deals where he was offered the post of Prime Minister. Mnangagwa - sending shivers up and down the country

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 December 2014 00:14

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