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Mangoma Suspended, Biti Unhappy
Written by CZ Correspondent   
Friday, 07 March 2014 18:26

bitiptouchMDC-T secretary general Tendai Biti addressed a Press Conference today slamming proceedings in suspending deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma, saying as the secretary general he should 'as a matter of tradition' been involved in preparing the report on the allegations against him.

He also said Mangoma should have been heard prior to the National Executive meeting to hear the charges against him, and that he was not happy about the quorum of the National Executive.

He also said he was calling for Mangoma to have his right to be heard in a quorate meeting,

MDC-T Spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said Mangoma had been suspended for his decision to ignore the directive of the National Executive not to discuss party business through the press and fanning factionalism within the Party.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 10:21
Biti Finally Comes Out As Leader of 'Renewal'
Written by Makusha Mugabe   
Friday, 07 March 2014 08:39

bitiptouch(Updating Live. Click Here for Updates) MDC-T secretary general Tendai Biti has now been confirmed as the leader of the so-called renewal group in the MDC-T.

So have most of those who have been speculated about as being members, Manicaland Provincial Chairman Julius Magarangoma, MDC-T director general Toendepi Shonhe, youth chairman Solomon Madzore, Chitungwiza Chairman, Alexio Musundire, and youth secretary general, Promise Mkwananzi.

Biti has not spoken through-out the crisis, but he reportedly co-chaired a night meeting at the Zimbabwe Women’s Bureau offices which also included Evelyne Masaiti, Masvingo Provincial Chairman, Wilsaf Sitemere, Kambuzuma MP Willas, Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya, and Last Maingehama to strategise about today's planned meeting of the National Executive Council.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 March 2014 09:35
U.S. Freezes, Forfeits Abacha's Stolen Millions
Written by CZ Correspondent   
Thursday, 06 March 2014 15:15

If the Zimbabwean Parliament does not get serious about investigating, prosecuting and making new laws - like capital punishment for corruption - we will soon be where Nigeria is today.

Sani Abacha the former Head of State is reported to have stolen more than $5 billion, $458 million of which has been seized by US authorities, according to a report yesterday. But the extent of corruption in Nigeria is such that, according to Professor George Aittey, in 2000 when some of Abacha’s loot was returned to Nigeria, it was immediately re-looted by others! The $5 billion-dollar man - Abacha. Zimbabwean generals are not far behind - having exhausted Marange diamonds in less than four years.  

Last Updated on Friday, 07 March 2014 18:46
Enemy #1 Tsvangirai To Face Off With Renewal
Written by Makusha Mugabe   
Monday, 03 March 2014 20:58

The Herald claims to have in its possession the MDC-T's Guardian Council's report containing the same issues raised by deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma, which was also published on, despite the MDC-T spokesman, Douglas Mwonzora, saying it was not an official party document.

The leaking and publishing of the so called report by The Herald and despite the document’s obvious lack of authenticity - confirms the existence of a nefarious agenda to weaken Morgan Tsvangirai or remove him by any means necessary.

While it fuels strife in the MDC-T, the involvement of the Jonathan-Moyo-controlled Herald and confirms that Tsvangirai remains Enemy Number 1 for Zanu (PF). The Herald even tried to discredit Tsvangirai's rally in Budiriro and say it was poorly attended. The above is what he was wearing, but check the fake Herald picture on its story here.

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 March 2014 16:04
MPs Demand Parly Inquiry Into Corruption
Written by Makusha Mugabe   
Thursday, 06 March 2014 08:21

Zanu (PF) youths demonstrating against sanctions while their bosses loot the economy. Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya says get real.

Zanu (PF) spokesman Rugare Gumbo's fuming at opposition leader Morgan Tsvangira to leave Zanu (PF) to continue to ruin the country, shows the liberation party’s lack of interest in resolving the country's problems, even as Zimbabweans are now seeing through their false narrative that sanctions are responsible for their poverty.

Zimbabweans are now all too aware that their misery is the direct result of greedy Zanu (PF) officials giving their cronies in government companies (parastatals) obscene salaries, and that the main purpose of the parastatals has long since ceased to be to serve the people, but to serve the parastatal bosses, who would in turn pass on some of the benefits to their benefactors - the ministers.

Zimbabweans, now including a judge who has ordered the return of part of a farm to its original white owner, now also understand that mismanagement of natural resources like land, water, wildlife and diamonds, is responsible for the rest of the people’s poverty, not sanctions.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 March 2014 08:39
Zimbabwe MPs Unite, Demand Parly Probe
Written by CZ Correspondent   
Saturday, 01 March 2014 23:49

 MDC-UK And Ireland Birmingham Branch Fundrising

Saturday March 8th 3pm-Until Late
Traditional Zimbabwean Dishes
Let's Support Our Party
Malaika House 81 George Street,
Lozells B19 1NS
Contacts Lawrence "Uncle Solo"Matshoba 07934151312
Divaris Murwira 07443434620
Tsvangirai Ndizvo! Tati Ngachitsve


(R) Mover of the motion, Kambuzuma MP Willas Madzimure.

Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya has put the issue of a Parliamentary Inquiry into corruption firmly on the Parliamentary agenda, riding roughshod over Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma's attempt to water down the debate, and accusing Local Government Minister Chombo of ducking and diving to avoid responding to questions raised by Parliamentarians.

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 March 2014 09:03
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