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"Them Belly Full But We Hungry" MDC Youths Take To Streets

MDC Youth Assembly spokesman, Clifford Hlatshwayo, leading MDC youths in a rally and demonstration in Harare City Centre to launch the assembly's campaign for jobs…. 

The youths were also commemorating the stolen election of July 31 last year and welcoming party President, Morgan Tsvangirai, back to Zimbabwe after a successful international trip to the UK.

Tsvangirai also came home to the good news that the courts in Mutare had acquitted his officials in Mutare who had been a charged with stealing equipment from the MDC offices in Mutare which the Renewal Team were claiming was theirs, despite having formed their own party. The case sets the stage for the MDC claiming all its properties from Renewal.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 August 2014 12:50

My Personal Invitation To Join Renewal

mtowenYours truly was the recipient of an invitation from Owen Mtombeni, apparently the UK Renewal Team interim secretary, to join Renewal.

Below we publish in full the letter which was sent to 65 others on the email, and further below my response to the invitation.

MDC Renewal Team - UK
The movement for democratic change is going through a historic transformation. This transformation has been necessitated by a realization that there has been a deviation from the founding principles of the Movement.

A document has been in the public domain highlighting the motivations behind the Renewal process. It is my belief that you have seen and heard the concerns leading to the project of renewing the party.

Last Updated on Monday, 04 August 2014 23:49

Economy Slides: Chinamasa Can't Make Heads or Tails

chinamasaThe government of Zimbabwe’s core business appears to have been reduced to paying civil servants’ salaries, abandoning other responsibilities, as the economy becomes President Robert Mugabe’s (pictured right) biggest undoing, one year after sweeping to power in 2013.

Last week Zanu PF celebrated its victory anniversary notwithstanding the attendant economic collapse since Mugabe retained the keys to State House in a controversial election.

Zanu PF promised when campaigning that it would create over two million jobs by 2018. Of that figure, 222 800 were supposed to have been created in the first year.

Last Updated on Monday, 04 August 2014 23:29

Tsvangirai's Moment Under International Spotlight


MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai’s address to a fully subscribed lecture at Chatham House where he made the case for the international community to bring focus back on Zimbabwe’s unresolved political crisis.

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 July 2014 19:48

Zimbabwe: Workers, Artists Under Siege As Regime Panics

As the economic crisis in Zimbabwe worsens, with the National Railways of Zimbabwe failing to pay its artisans, so is repression worsening, with police banning the artisans’ planned demonstrations and arresting musicians who support the opposition Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai. Tsikamutanda artists targeted in Zimbabwe Police crackdown

Last Updated on Monday, 04 August 2014 08:41

Nehanda TV Meets President Tsvangirai

MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai's television interview with Nehanda TV managing editor, Lance Guma, in Birmingham at the weekend.

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 July 2014 19:52

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