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Int'l Community, EU Can Stop Guessing, Robert Mugabe has Not Changed

Now the international community, including the European Union, the UK and the US, and generally the civilised world, which excludes Russia and China, can stop holding their breath about how Robert Mugabe's regime was going to deal with restive citizens - they, such as Itai Dzamara,  and their lawyers were severely beaten and left for dead.

The organiser of the Occupy African Unity Square protest, Itai Dzamara, his lawyer, Kennedy Masiye, and other protesters have been admitted at a hospital in Harare after sustaining serious injuries from brutal assaults by more than 20 police officers.

This is all going on while a European Union is starting to make overtures to Robert Mugabe about normalising relations, based on some convoluted logic that Harare has fulfilled some EU criteria and deserves normalisation of relations.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 November 2014 07:06

Zanu (PF) Now Posing Security Risk To The Country

The Editor of the Zimbabwean, Wilf Mbanga, a seasoned journalist has asked in an editorial whether Grace (Mugabe) is now running government? There are also reports that the military is now on stand-by because of the instability in Zanu (PF). Could Zanu (PF) be posing a security risk to Zimbabwe? 

*Herald Push to Dethrone Zanu Hre Chair Midzi     *Fingaz Says Zanu Is Heading for Split 

Last Updated on Sunday, 09 November 2014 12:53

"Give Unto Caesar What is Caesar's" - MDC-T

Press Release
"This serves to respond to the misleading claims made in articles on Newsday and claiming that the constitutional amendments adopted by the MDC-T over the weekend have centralised power in the person of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Firstly there was no wholesale constitutional amendment of the constitution, let alone amendments that ignored the principle of separation of powers, whatever the Newsday journalist meant by this.

The relevant principle that was actually followed was that of giving the authority that goes with the responsibility placed on the President of the party to the incumbent, thus correcting the anomaly in the old constitution which held the President responsible for matters that he had no power over.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 November 2014 02:13

Zimbabwe Not Made up of Cowards Only, We Have Itai.

ItaiFountain343The fear of death is inherent in all mankind. Even brutal dictators like Mugabe also fear death, thats why they spend fortunes getting the best medical care in the world. But they also know that their people are equally afraid of death. This is why they use violence or the threat of death to scare people from doing anything about the abuse or suffering that they continue to subject those people to.

Mugabe has mastered the concept of using the people's fear of death to the extent that the majority of Zimbabweans have now accepted a life of misery rather than fight for a better life. Combine with his excellent ability to effectively use deception to his advantage, Mugabe has been able to turn an entire nation into zombies who only hope in vain that their misery will end when he dies.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 November 2014 22:41

A Revamped MDC-T To Emerge From Congress?

The task of the ongoing MDC-T Congress is to robustly transform the party into a strong institution that will confront the lack of political leadership in government and tackle the national challenge to deliver on the people’s aspiration for a new Zimbabwe, according to its President, Morgan Tsvangirai.

In his opening speech Tsvangirai said the debilitating economic crisis that Zimbabwe was in had exposed the lack of political leadership in government that the MDC needed to respond to.

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 November 2014 20:26

Kombi Driver Killed Over Bribe Is MDC Official's Son

matewuspeakMugove Manonge, the 30-year-old kombi driver who died after being assaulted by police for refusing to pay a bribe is the son of a senior MDC Official, Jaison Matewu, the former MDC UK and Ireland Organising Secretary.

He confirmed this yesterday saying Manonge is the actual family surname for the Matewus, and that he was now in mourning over the death of his promising son over what the Herald called a "misunderstanding over a $10 bribe". Matewu as UK Organiser

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 November 2014 20:54

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