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Zimbabwe: Disorganised Opposition or Dishonest Intellectuals?

mandaza1Suddenly everyone wants to talk about the deplorable state of opposition politics in Zimbabwe as if they ever suppoted it or as if they never believed that Zanu (PF) was the only game in town - check Ibbo Mandaza’s latest.

They would rather have us believe that they are responding to the opposition's disorganisation, yet they are well aware of the millions of dollars and man-hours being spent by the state infiltrating, subverting, buying and even killing opposition activists.

Last Updated on Monday, 07 July 2014 07:33

So Are MDC Renewal and Tendai Biti In Contempt of Court?

madhukuConstitutional lawyer Lovemore Madhuku says Justice Happias Zhou’s interdict on his clients, the Renewal Group, was of no effect and advised his clients to go ahead and publish their “expulsion” of Party President Morgan Tsvangirai and National Chairman, Lovemore Moyo.

This followed a ‘disciplinary hearing’ held at about the same time as the High Court hearing of the MDC-T application to interdict Tendai Biti, Elton Mangoma, Sekai Holland and Sipepa-Nkomo from proceeding with disciplinary action against Tsvangirai.

Last Updated on Saturday, 05 July 2014 15:33

MDC-T Project 2016: The Final Chapter

bitijusticeTsvangieflipNow that the case of the Biti Rebellion is about to spill into the courts, and all hopes of diplomacy are lost, maybe it is time to bring the whole case into its proper perspective.

The former secretary general and two of his officers who were put as directors of a company that was set up to secure the assets of the MDC-T - to hold the assets in trust - would now like the court to grant them those assets in their personal capacities as directors. Courts now set to decide who is MDC-T, Tendai Biti or Morgan Tsvangirai 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 July 2014 00:02

"We Can't Create Positive Zimbabwe Stories If There Aren't Any, Cde Chinamasa"

Patrick Chinamasa's admission that the Zanu (PF) succession is becoming a brake on the economy, is also an admission that Zanu (PF) has failed to manage its succession and that this is now costing the people of Zimbabwe.

Last Updated on Saturday, 28 June 2014 21:03

'Renewal Tribunal May Not Publish Tsvangirai Findings'

Mwonzora216The High Court yesterday granted a provisional order to stop Tendai Biti, Sekai Holland, Elton Mangoma, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo and any person acting on their instructions from carrying on with the implementation of the resolutions of the meeting held by the rebels at Mandel Training Centre on the 26 th of April 2014.

These resolutions include the resolution to bring disciplinary action against President Tsvangirai and senior leadership of the Party. The ruling was delivered by Justice Zhou at 9:45 am yesterday. The Respondents were represented by Professor Lovemore Madhuku and Mr Muchenje while I represented the Applicants.

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 June 2014 13:34

Zanu (PF) and Renewal: The Morning After

MDC Renewal rebel Jacob Mafume... continues blundering his way to political oblivion.

The seriousness of the charges against Kudzai, suggests that the stakes are really high, and that this is indeed a major falling out for Jonathan Moyo, especially as it comes after his admonishing by President Robert Mugabe.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 14:40

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