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Signs of Times: Crumbling Zanu (PF) Protection Exposes Erstwhile Untouchable Chiyangwa

chiyangwaPhilip Chiyangwa's attempt to extort millions of dollars from 8 000 settlers at Odar Farm in Harare South seems to have hit a brick wall, but more important is how such a deal had been crafted to the extent of the Ministry of Local Government writing a letter handing over the land to Chiyangwa.

Local Government Minister and Ignatious Chombo has already been fingered in many corruption scandals, but so far he has survived, and it would not surprise if this is not another of those corrupt deals. But who is going to accuse him?

The report in The Herald today that Odar Housing Development Consortium which sold stands to the settlers has exposed the illegality of the actions of the Local Government Ministry has shed more light on the murky affairs of the Ministry, already notorious for its uncaring administration. Could Chiyangwa's time be up?

Last Updated on Friday, 29 May 2015 16:32

MDC Renewal Leader Mangoma In Wife-Snatching Storm

TeveraA Renewal Harare Youth Provincial Executive, Believe Tevera, has taken to social media to expose how Elton Mangoma apparently used his financial muscle to snatch his young wife, Yemurai Maravanyika, who has abandoned the family home, leaving behind a one-year old son.

Yemurai is 20 and could easily be Mangoma's daughter, leading Tevera to ask in a whatsapp group created for Renewal leaders what kind of leader Mangoma is for making Renewal an unsafe area for daughters, wives, and sisters.

Renewal Youth executive member says he has been reduced to a baby-sitter by Mangoma's sexual expoits

Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 20:16

Zimbabwe Opposition Defiance As Regime Collapses Under Own Corruption

DzivaMDC executive Job Sikala addressing what Herald Reporter Prosper Dembedza described as a handful of party supporters at Dzivaresekwa at the weekend.

This desperate propaganda effort is exposed in this video, just as the regime propaganda chief's attempt to say that direct threats made against other members of the regime were "political banter" were exposed in a BBC interview.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 03:50

Who Will Correct Zimbabwe Justice Minister on Constitution

mnangatwofaces285Justice Minister in deliberate befuddling of constitution?

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a lawyer, a former Speaker of Parliament, a Vice-President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Minister of Justice, and should therefore not be allowed to get away with misinforming traditional leaders in order to continue abusing them for the benefit of his party.

The reason that the Constitution was revised and a referendum carried out on the revisions, was exactly that, to ensure that traditional leaders are not abused for the benefit on one political party, but the Minister and his party behave as is the exercise was carried out merely to satisfy requirements for going to elections as demanded by the international community.

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 May 2015 09:58

Skeptical About Brazilian ZimAsset Loan to Zimbabwe

BrazilMoney down the drain? President Robert Mugabe at ceremony to receive Brazilian soft loan equipment from Ambassador Marcia Maro Da Silva

Zimbabweans are sceptical about the $98 million agricultural machinery and equipment loan from the Brazilian government which was received by President Mugabe and is destined for his Zanu (PF) cronies.

A social media activist Alois Matongo, said this amount would be in addition to the $1.3 billion loan extended to the same cronies by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and which was recently transferred by Parliament for the taxpayers to settle.

Last Updated on Monday, 25 May 2015 17:05

Inhuman Zimbabwe Government Now Needs To Be Checked

chiyangwaUp yours - all of you....Chiyangwa, self-proclaimed King of Selfies.

For how long are Zimbabweans expected to continue tolerating the corruption that has so glaringly been exposed in the latest Chiyangwa-Chombo deal which is set to make £3 million for Chiyangwa while possibly making up to 20 000 Harareans homeless.

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 May 2015 10:25

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