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"Stench of Rotting Corpses of Workers Hits Mugabe’s 'Socialist' Zimbabwe"

MushandiA sustained protest by workers, the unemployed and all people with a social conscience is the only way the current inhuman policies of the Mugabe government can be reversed, especially with everyone from ‘socialist’ President Robert Mugabe down disowning the hot potato dropped by the Supreme Court.

Last Updated on Sunday, 16 August 2015 09:28

"Zimbabwe Gov't Cannot Hoodwink International Community on Constitution"

MakoneOxshopMDC-T Treasurer General, Theresa Makone, in the UK for the launch of the MDC-T UK and I 2018 election fundraising at Oxford Branch, presents new financial administration rules to UK and I officials. She scoffed at Zanu (PF) intelligence which concluded that her delegation had been "summoned" by the British government when in fact they had been invited to the UK for a fundraising activity hosted by Oxford Branch.

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 August 2015 23:58

Zimbabwe‘s Destiny Is in Our Hands - Mwonzora

Mwonzora2The MDC-T has still not received about $2m from the government for the year 2014 under the Political Parties Finance Act (PPFA) and the Herald report that party Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora's visit to the UK was at the invitation of the UK government was false and meant to justify not giving the MDC-T its money, thereby crippling the party.

This was said by the Douglas Mwonzora in an interview with, at Oxford where he went to help the branch with its fund raising activities, legally from its members. "There is nothing wrong with a branch wanting to fund raise for the party; this is the money which is coming from our members who are in the Diaspora and who have invited us," he said.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 August 2015 13:11

Change Is Imminent in Zimbabwe, But How? It's Up to YOU

CrossWhile the state media, particularly Nathaniel Manheru, continues to rile against whites, Eddie Cross, seems to make more sense than the state media's attempts to blame anyone except the regime that has been in power for longer than Ian Smith's Rhodesian Front. He writes on

Zimbabwe is an enigma to many. The country presents itself as a clean, modern State with friendly people, little crime and small pockets of prosperity and wealth. A small country blessed with a great climate, an abundance of natural resources that put us in the top league of countries In terms of the ratio between our population and our resource base.


No Going Back on 'No Reform No Election'

WorshopMDC-T has not abandoned its "no-reforms-no-elections" stance, nor does it condone the blatant abuse of workers by the Supreme Court through a judgement which allows workers to be fired at the whims of company directors.

MDC-T Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora said, contrary to reports on New, the MDC was intensifying its demands for reforms, which are already law because the Constitution is superior to all other laws.

But this has not stopped Zanu (PF) claiming that the constitution cannot be implemented until the statutes have been passed to replace the existing statutes and this align the subsidiary legislation to the constitution.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 August 2015 11:23

Bastille Day Faux Pas Or Just Harare Hot Air

diplomaticPresident Robert Mugabe’s regime, at sixes-and-sevens because of international diplomatic pressure, has attempted to retaliate by intimidating the French Ambassador, accusing him of a diplomatic faux pas, but it looks like the Harare reaction itself was the faux pas - reinforcing the emerging of picture of Zimbabwe as a relic of the repressive Communist State.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 July 2015 05:10

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