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Mugabe Goons Abduction of Activist Itai Sparks Demos In Harare


The abduction of a political activist in daylight on the streets of Harare has sparked street demonstrations led by the leading opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change MDC-T. Pic courtersy of Charlton Hwende

Last Updated on Sunday, 15 March 2015 10:34

National Convergence Platform (NCP): A Dialogue of Concerned Citizens

BakareThis statement is a follow up to the one that the NCP issued on the 30th of January 2015. Since then many Zimbabweans have come forward to learn more about the NCP and we are extremely gratified that many have expressed their willingness to work with other Zimbabweans as we seek to find a lasting solution to the myriad challenges that we face as a nation today. We have also received enquiries from Zimbabweans in the Diaspora who are concerned about the state of affairs in their home country who have also expressed their desire to contribute to the work of the NCP.

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 March 2015 01:47

2015: Year of Zimbabwe MDC-T Getting Organised

TsvangiZimgroundsMDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai's Zimbabwe Grounds rally resembled a national rally because of the massive attendance, despite that the country is far from any election - a clear sign that the party's supporters are mobilised and ready to take their party into the next government.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 March 2015 15:02

Zimbabwean Courts Challenged by Mugabe’s Blatant Disregard of Them

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has virtually told the courts - which have allowed the filing of a challenge by officials whom he fired from his party, to go to hell as his party would have none of it.

And below VOA audio of Dewa Mavhinga of Human Rights Watch and Jeff Smith of RFK Centre taking the plight of Tokwe-Mukorsi displaced to the UN as human rights violations. Zimbabweans a perplexed that government is adding insult to injuries of these victims of bungled dam construction.

Meanwhile hundreds of opposition MDC-T supporters slept at Zimbabwe Grounds guarding the venue for their President, Morgan Tsvangirai's rally against Zanu (PF) thugs who are usually hired by their party to disrupt such rallies.  

Last Updated on Monday, 09 March 2015 17:18

Latest Zimbabwe News: To National Convergence; Transforming Popularity To Power


Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 March 2015 10:58

"Gang of Four" Wanted Mugabe Out

GangofFourA cliff-hanger of a trial awaits us as Didymus Mutasa and company have opened their challenge of their expulsion from Zanu (PF) by claiming that (l-r) Oppah Muchinguri, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, and Patrick Zhuwao, are the ones who wanted President Mugabe out, not VP Joice Mujuru who stands accused of the crime.

But Herald reporting of the case by their senior court reporter, Daniel Nemukuyu, is already exposing a bias that will make reading the Herald news even more interesting, though the would not be allowed in any media organisation worth its name.

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 March 2015 01:09

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