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For The Record: Mutasa's Press Statement, The Real Zanu


Fellow  Comrades and Friends:

We are pleased to address you on behalf of all the loyal members of ZANU (PF) who are determined to restore the image of our party. Needless to say, this is a response to the unprecedented and destructive events before, during and after the so-called “6th National People’s Congress” held unconstitutionally in December 2014, the summary expulsions and suspensions of loyal members and the imposition of party leadership by one person, effectively abandoning the “one-man-one-vote” that we fought for.  This statement  states our position and concerns and those of the members  we are representing. We also make reference to the contents and substance of Cde D.N.E Mutasa’s letter to the SADC Chairman in which he asserted the following points:

Equally MDC Reminds Mutasa How The Shoe Feels On The Other Foot

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 January 2015 15:46

Mash Central Dinha Cleaning Up After Grace Mugabe

dinhaMartinPress reports have emerged of the High Court granting of a six-month reprieve to the nearly 900 families at Manzou Farm near Mazowe, who were in April last year said to be under eviction to pave way for the First Family‘s planned wildlife sanctuary.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 January 2015 13:50

Jonathan Moyo Delusional On Mugabe Government Prospects

moyomorph1Jonathan Moyo must be a very desperate man to present his government as being in step with the African Union, SADC and the international community in maintaining a repressive regime in Harare.

He was also at pains to justify Grace Mugabe‘s eviction of villagers in violation of last year's court order protecting them, and the cruelty of evicting them by dumping them out in the rain with their possessions.

Zimbabwe may not be on the AU and SADC agenda in terms of the 2013 roadmap, but this does not support Moyo’s suggestion that they have snubbed the MDC-T‘s quest to bring attention to the ongoing economic malaise resulting from cruel corruption by the Zanu (PF) government.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 14:14

This Is How You Do It: Peter Tatchell on His Mugabe 'Arrest'

United Kingdom activist Peter Tatchell has posted a video explaining how he planned and excecuted the citizens arrest of Robert Mugabe on a shopping visit to the U.K.

Last Updated on Saturday, 10 January 2015 00:47

Is Grace Mugabe Above The Law in Zimbabwe?

GraceEvicted4Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights got a High Court order last year barring anyone evicting Manzou villagers in Mazowe who were evicted this week to pave way for First Lady Grace Mugabe’s private wildlife sanctuary.  Dumped with all their belongings by the roadside in the rain Pic Newday

Last Updated on Sunday, 11 January 2015 23:01

Asi Chii Nhai? (But What Is Going On?), Zimbabwe

GraceEvicted2The three main and emotive stories on today's front pages provide a graphic expose of how the Zanu (PF) government can no longer hoodwink Zimbabweans that it has given them land, while in fact the land is being parcelled out among the Zanu (PF) leaders, their relatives and their hangers-on. An obviously sick child with ringworm in the head preparing a meal of wild birds by the roadside where her family has been dumped by police.

Last Updated on Friday, 09 January 2015 00:03

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